Algorithm & Scientific Development 


We can use your algorithms or ideas or draw on our own experience to solve your problems, leveraging our IP, using open source IP, or developing new IP as desired. Here are some examples of signal processing and other algorithms we have worked in the past. If you have a unique problem, ask us, we love a challenge. 

Telephony / Speech

·  Voice compression (vocoding) (ACELP, MBE, ITU G.7xx codec standards)

·  Signalling, DTMF, echo cancellation

·  Coding PCM, ADPCM, ULaw, ALaw

·  AT&T/Bell Modems: 103, 108, 113, 201, 202, 208, 212A

·  CCITT/ITU Modem Standards:

·         T2 (G1 Fax), T3 (G2 Fax), T4 (G3 Fax), R.35, V.2, V.8, V.8bis,

·         V.17, V.21, V.22. V.22bis, V.23, V.24, V.25, V.26, V.26bis,

·         V.27, V.27ter, V.28, V.29, V.32, V.32bis, V.33, V.34, V.35,

·         V.42, V.42bis, V.90

·  STU III demodulation/modulation (re-modulation, or data pump)

·  Isolated word/digit Speech Recognition

·  Keyword Spotting

·  Speaker Identification / Voice Print Analysis

·  Voice detection (Speech/Non-Speech, Voice/Non-Voice)

·  Speech Enhancement (noisy or RF environment)

·         Noise elimination from RF background noise

·         USB/LSB determination, frequency correction

·         AM-DSB and ISB-SC speech channel separation

·         Filtering / Pitch change

·  Implementation of speech recognition systems such as digit, word, or large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) systems, on your target(s):

·         HTK, OGI, Sphynx, or other licensed system as a starting point

·  Testing of isolated word or LVCSR systems against speech corpora

Geographic Plotting / Graph Theory / Spatial Transformations and Analysis

·  Spatial and geographic transformation / analysis. 

·  Plotting data on Cartesian or other projection systems

·  Time, Position, Velocity, Acceleration, Pitch/Roll/Yaw compensation and Kalman filtering, IMU processing, and orbital calculations for moving objects

·  Computed solutions of directed graph problems using Dijkstra and other greedy algorithms


  • Signal Demodulation (Bell, ITU V.xx, TDMA, CDMA)
  • Signal Modulation synthesis of ASK, FSK, PSK, MSK, QAM
  • Frequency Hopping (FH) Radios (voice and data signals)
  • Signal Exploitation (detection, recognition, deconvolution, compression/expansion, demodulation, decode, re-transmission, parametric reduction)
  • Voice: SSB/USB/LSB/DSB detection/demodulation
  • Satellite Transponder Signal Analysis (Inmarsat, Intelsat, VSATs, etc.)

Waveform Synthesis

·  Communications signals, generation, mixing, creation of complex synthetic environments

·  Audio or IF test waveforms

·  Digital modulation synthesis

·  RADAR signal synthesis

·  other signals (you specify)


·  Digitization/parameter measurement and processing, de-interleaving, and display of parametric pulse data

·  Ground Penetrating Radar (ground scatter, returns processing, visualization)

·  Synthetic Aperture Radar (image post processing)

·  Analysis of RADAR pulse returns

·  Conversion of RADAR pulse data into different formats

RF & System Design Knowledge

·  Ionospheric Propagation, Multipath and Doppler effects, Interference Effects/Mitigation,

·  Multi-Hop satellite communications, forward error correction to ensure accuracy even in high bit-error- rate (BER) environments

·  Environments: IF, HF/VHF/UHF, SHF/EHF

·  Design of RF tuners, downconverters, and other custom RF hardware

·  Design of RF, IF, and Baseband analog/digital hardware

·  Spectral-domain digital signal processing


·  Sonar

·  SCUBA audio compensation

·  Time-Gated Spectrometry (for acoustic device/transducer, such as loudspeaker, testing)

·  Bio-rejection (Sonar biologic detection and processing)

Image & Video Processing

·  Transforms, filtering, histogramming, equalization, object detection/rotation/acquisition, image/face recognition, aliasing, altering RGB, 8/24 bit color, enhancement, blurring, stream codecs (H.261/H.264, AVI, JPEG extraction, MPEG2, MPEG3, MPEG4, MKV, cell phone video conversion)

·  Compression (MPEG1, MPEG2, RLE, GNU gzip, compress)

·  MPEG and format conversions and real-time analysis 

·  Graphics display compression/decompression algorithms for real-time compression of image data stream)

Cryptography & Compression

·  Incorporation of Compression Algorithms into your systems:

·  encrypt/decrypt (crypt)

·  Huffman encoding / analysis

·  Sub-optimal blockwise reordering and compression (smart reformatting for maximum compressibility)

·  Block-floating point for signal data stream compression


·  Using GNU zip (gzip/gunzip) as a compression engine within your application

·  DES, PGP, public key encryption/decryption

·  Application of compression algorithms to your unique data or communications link bandwidth problem

·  Example:  Forwarding of display data at a human rate over a constrained data link and reproducing it at the other end of the link, virtual human real-time analysis displays.

·  Stegonographic analysis (Stegonography)

·  Wavelet Analysis


·  Design of digital/analog electronic crossovers,

·  Audio special effects (e.g., reverb, filtering, fading, etc.), noise reduction

·  MP3 and G7xx audio compression standards

·  Conversions between audio formats

·  Noise Reduction

·  Speech Enhancement

·  Real-Time Spectrographic Analysis


·  Application of Specific Classifiers to your problem

·  Tree, Neural Net, GMM, MVG, LMS, etc.

·  Identification and development of pre-processing features

·  Feature space evaluation

·  Automatic confusion matrix generation