Software and Algorithm Design and Development – We can design your software and perform all aspects of software development on a variety of tablets, smart watches, smart phones, laptops, PCs, PDAs, computers, workstations and embedded real-time environments.
SW Implementations – We can implement your application on a variety of PCs, PDAs, smart phones, tablets, fablets, computers, workstations and embedded real-time environments.

SW Upgrades – We can assist in a technical product upgrade or redesign to meet your updated requirements or added features.

SW Migration/Porting – We can help you change compiler, hardware, or software vendors, platforms, languages, etc. -- from byte swapping to language translation to OS migration, DSP Consulting is there for you.

HW Design and Development – We can design and develop custom hardware, firmware, and FPGA designs to suit.

Assessments / Discovery – We can often do a high level assessment and let you know where the opportunities and challenges will be with a simple email exchange, contact us.

Intellectual Property Development – We can help you bring your intellectual property to patent or market, by providing necessary proof of concept simulation and implementations.

Performance Tuning – Slow response times, low throughput, or slow processing? Interfaces need tuning up? Let us help! Our consultants have written, debugged, and setup some of the most complex environments anywhere, and optimized code for dramatic speed improvements or recommended hardware upgrades to achieve your real-time solution. We may even be able to fix some bugs on the in the process!

Custom Development – You want to enhance an existing application that does not meet 100% of required functionality, or you want something new entirely, our developers have done it all and can create everything from custom applications to custom embedded systems.

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